Wellness International Ltd.’s Safety Critical Medicals ensure that employees are fit for role and do not suffer from any medical or mental health issues that may impact their performance. Our range of Safety Critical Medical tests and assessments can be carried out on-site at a time that is convenient for you, providing a flexible and safe solution to monitor the health of your workforce.

What Safety Critical Medical Tests Involve

Dependant on the industry, these tests are designed to check for medical conditions that could affect an employee’s health and safety.

Bespoke tests are designed based on the risks of the role, and can include:

  • Audiometry

  • Spirometry

  • Skin screening

  • Vision screening

  • Musculoskeletal assessment

  • HAVS Tier 2 assessment (if the job includes vibrating tools)

  • General health questionnaire and assessment

  • Diabetes screening

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These tests can be carried out on an annual basis or in line with the Health and Safety policy.

The Process

Our Safety Critical Medical tests generally take about 30 minutes to complete and can be carried out at your offices or on-site using our mobile clinics, resulting in minimal disruption to daily operations. A report is produced following each test, which clearly outlines the outcome and any decisions based on an employee’s ability to work.