Our counselling services are centred around Talking Therapies, delivering Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness and Clinical Psychology to help you to find a way forward in overcoming any obstacles in your life.

Our qualified and experienced counsellors will help you to work at your own pace to overcome and resolve any issues in your personal and professional life.

Whatever problem you may be experiencing, there is a counselling service that will help you overcome it. Some common issues include:

  • Career changes

  • Loss and bereavement

  • Handling crisis in relationships

  • Resolving fears, panics and anxieties

  • Dealing with stress and other pressures

  • Coping with continuing family problems

  • Working through difficult decisions

  • Breaking through physical pain, depression and sadness

Counselling is not just about helping people cope with difficult situations. Other benefits of counselling include developing creativity, self-expression, finding pathways to self-discovery and improving confidence.

All counselling sessions are 100% confidential.