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Our Occupational Health services deliver tailored support to suit your organisation and budget. Whether you are looking for services to comply with legislation or services to improve your organisation, we have a broad range of services that can support your requirements.

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Vocational Rehabilitation

The Vocational Rehabilitation approach incorporates the physical, psychological and social elements of modern workplace health.

We offer a single gateway to a range of strategies and solutions specifically designed for your needs.

Initial Health Needs Assessment:

      • Identify organisational and employee health and wellbeing needs, target investment for maximum value

Return to work services:

      • Telephone access to a comprehensive initial employee screening covering medical and non-medical issues
      • Face to face work focussed assessment (local to employee) for a range of physical and mental health conditions
      • Bespoke return to work plans with realistic options (phased return, task rotation, flexible hours etc)
      • Comprehensive case management with timely and effective communication between all relevant stakeholders

Rehabilitation services:

      • Rapid access to a broad range of evidence based solutions: including physiotherapy, workplace assessments, and lifestyle management

Retention services:

      • Advice on optimal management of longer term conditions in the workplace
      • Mediation and counselling for the workplace
      • Promotion of physical and mental health in the workplace
      • Sickness absence management support (data management; policy and procedures)
      • Training and support packages for line managers (one to one; workshops; online)


      • Tools to help you measure impact of workplace health solutions (physical, psychological, and organizational metrics) cost benefit analyses

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