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Cardiovascular disease causes more than a quarter of all deaths in the UK

Do you Know Your Numbers?

You know your phone number, pin number & house number. But do you know your health numbers?

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Get your body ready for the festive season with a November ‘pre-tox’

Get your body ready for the festive season with a November ‘pre-tox’!

You’re tired from a heavy workload and run down after the first heavy cold of the autumn.  December is fast approaching and already your diary is heaving with extra social events that are disrupting your usual gym routine.  We’ve all heard of the post festive ‘detox’, but what about getting your body (and your mind!) ready for the onslaught of extra booze, rich food and office mince pies?

Lucy Grainge, Nutritional Therapist at Reebok’s Wellness Centre gives us a guide to taking a break from our toxic eating habits:

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Diet Sabotage!

Have you ever had the feeling you are on a constant weight gain, weight loss rollercoaster? Here are 3 reasons why you might be struggling to stay true to your healthy regime. Identifying these reasons may be a useful tool in supporting your health goals.

1. Your workplace

Problem: Whether you are stalking a birthday cake left in the staff kitchen, caving in to biscuits at staff meetings or eating indulgent business meals your workplace can be a source of constant food temptation. You may also feel peer pressure to indulge on birthdays or “cake Friday”.

Solution: Keep healthy snacks in your desk drawer like oatcakes and bring nuts and seeds in 50g tupperware pots so you don’t eat the whole bag! Use the work fridge for things like Greek yoghurt and hummus. Ask work about the possibility of getting fruit instead of biscuits in meetings. Mention to your colleagues that you are eating healthily. As long as “Cake Friday” doesn’t turn in to “Cake Monday, Tuesday….”

2. Post lunch slump 3.23pm

Problem: Mid-afternoon is a dangerous time for snack cravings, generally due to fatigue, stress or boredom. Studies suggest that 62 per cent of people break their diets mid-afternoon, with 3.23pm being the time when you are most likely to give into temptation and indulge on sweet treats.

Solution: Sustain energy levels, by eating a low-GI lunch dominated by vegetables and healthy protein. Try soup with beans and vegetables or salads with beans, eggs, fish or meat. Keep healthy snacks like nuts and fruit, to hand. Alternatively, try leaving interesting and enjoyable tasks for the afternoon to help prevent mid-afternoon boredom or stress.

3. Coffee Shops

Problem: Socialising with friends is healthy so we are not knocking that! However regular coffee and cake treats might ruin your hard efforts in the gym. Don’t forget that many speciality coffees are rich in cream and syrups and can contain as many calories as a dessert. Once a week won’t break the bank if you are also an active person.

Solution: Try to be disciplined! Hold the cream and swap rich and sugary coffees for espresso, cappuccino or a regular coffee. While these may not seem as appetizing as your usual beverage, your waistline will be eternally grateful. Also be careful not to fall victim of the sales ploy by the coffee shop wanting to supersize your cup… “Is that a large you want?”.

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