Could you be sabotaging your gym efforts with the foods you eat (or don’t eat!)?

It's so easy to assume that going to the gym is the sole the answer when it comes to weight loss, or weight or muscle gain. Whilst it is definitely a part of it, the food we eat really is the most important part, and can make or break our efforts.fruit weights


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Low Fat = High Sugar!

Low Fat = High Sugar!

If you have been watching or reading any media recently you may be aware of the harmful effects high sugar foods are having on our health. One of the most recent being Jamie Oliver's documentary Sugar Rush – which I highly recommend watching. It certainly opens your eyes to the amount of sugar in certain 'healthy' claimed products... which has led me to writing this blog.

The amount of products on the market that are claiming to be healthy snacks or low fat, weight reducing alternatives is worrying, because a high percentage of them in fact are the opposite. Some unlikely 'healthy' culprits are protein bars, flavoured yoghurts, smoothies and salad dressings!


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Is alcohol preventing you getting leaner?

Is alcohol preventing you getting leaner?
Working within a health club in London's financial district, it has really opened my eyes to the social traditions of the modern executive lifestyle. Client lunches, company meetings and business socials are often focused around two things; food and alcohol.
Even with the long hours and pressures in the financial industry, more and more people are starting to make time for their health and fitness. I'm not implying that we have finally found the work/life balance; I think we still have a long way to come with this, but a quick 30 minute run or 45 minute class is now being squeezed into the day. Plus in the last two years in Canary Wharf health conscious lunch places are popping up all over the place, allowing us to have healthy fresh food options.
With the gym on your doorstep and salad bar your neighbour, there is now no excuse for not aiming for that healthy body.

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