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Our Occupational Health services deliver tailored support to suit your organisation and budget. Whether you are looking for services to comply with legislation or services to improve your organisation, we have a broad range of services that can support your requirements.

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Flu Jabs


Protect your workforce this winter for just £6.00* with a corporate flu vaccination. The flu is one of the largest causes of seasonal sickness absence over the winter months, yet can be easily prevented through a company flu jab. 

The flu is highly contagious and can affect people of all ages including those who are in good health. Each year the World Health Organisation tracks seasonal variations of influenza and decides which vaccinations will be included in the flu jab. This helps to prevent some of the more common flu strains from spreading and causing sickness.

We recommend organising your company flu jab in October but vaccinations can be ordered until February.

Contrary to popular belief the flu jab cannot give you the flu! There are some people who should not receive the flu jab and our healthcare professionals will go through this in more detail with your employees.

*Per vaccination

Why offer your employees a free flu jab?

The flu jab is a simple, yet cost effective way to protect your staff from flu over the winter months. Every year the flu affects over 15% of the population. Those who are older are more at risk.

Research shows that the flu vaccination;

  • reduces time lost from work through illness by up to 43%
  • lessens the amount of employee GP visits made by up to 44%

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For more information on our corporate flu jabs or to place an order call us on 0161 419 2844 or complete this online form with your details and we will get back to you.

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