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Our Occupational Health services deliver tailored support to suit your organisation and budget. Whether you are looking for services to comply with legislation or services to improve your organisation, we have a broad range of services that can support your requirements.

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Pre-Placement Screening


Pre-placement screening is about helping an employee fit the job and the job fit the employee. In your organisation your employees may be exposed to hazards that may harm their health. It is important that an employees health and fitness meets the demands of the job and that they are not putting themselves at unnecessary risk.

Pre-placement screening helps identify any health related issues that may prevent new employees from carrying out their role safely and effectively. Understanding this then helps the employer make adjustments to enable the employee to meet the demands and risks of the job.

Pre-placement screening helps to:

  • Identify any underlying health problems or disabilities that may reduce the employees ability to carry out the required duties safety and effectively.
  • Help the employer understand how they can make adjustments to the role to enable the individual to work effectively and safely without causing a risk to themselves or others.

The process

Pre-placement screening is a questionnaire that is completed by the employee either online or on paper. The results are reviewed by our Chief Medical Officer and the employee is categorised as fit for work, fit for work with restrictions or not fit for work. In some instances it may be necessary to carry out a face-to-face assessment with our doctor before any recommendations can be made. We will work closely with you to provide advice and guidance on how you can make reasonable adjustments to enable a safe working environment for the individual.

Pre-placement questionnaires are completely bespoke to ensure that it is tailored to the hazards and risks within your organisation.



Wellness International can offer your employees online pre-placement screening for even faster turnaround times. To enquire more about our online pre-employment screening call us on 0161 419 2844 or use the enquiry form to the right.

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