How to stay Festively Fit

Let the Christmas festivities commence! Oh yes, it's that time of year again where the office Christmas party is just around the corner and your social calendar is suddenly full to the brim with drinks, dinners and parties.


The common question that has been cropping up here at Wellness International over the last few weeks is 'How am I going to stay in shape over Christmas?' Well I'm here to turn that worried frown upside down; there is no reason that you can't have a fun filled healthy Christmas and not turn into a Christmas pudding.

Step into Christmas

There is no reason to break your fitness routine over Christmas, its one area of your lifestyle that can easily be kept consistent. If your evenings are taken up by social events then make your morning or lunchtime a priority for training. Over the Christmas period your energy intake (calories) are likely to increase slightly, so make sure you burn off all that extra energy at the bar – bell!

Top Tip for Fitness: Do not underestimate the benefit of light exercise e.g. a Boxing Day walk over Christmas. What you put in must be burnt off!

Turkey, Sprouts & Mince Pies

Hands up for who makes sure they wear elasticated waist bands for Christmas dinner?! This is often where our downfall happens...greed. The key is to have everything within moderation.
Christmas dinner can actually be a nutritionally dense meal, here are the benefits;

• Turkey – A source of lean protein
• Potatoes, spouts and parsnips – A source of energy, minerals and fibre
• Stuffing – A source of fat, fibre & protein (if you add some ground nuts)
• Yorkshire pudding & gravy – Umm... flavour?!

Control over portion size is the importance of this meal, the largest portion of your plate should be vegetables, seconded by the Turkey and then a very small amount of the stuffing, pudding and gravy.

The worst part of our Christmas diet is actually when Grandma opens the tin of Celebrations. Sugar. This is the area to really try and keep to a minimum, as unfortunately it will have an effect on our body fat. It takes a lot of self-discipline to pass up on a plate of warm mince pies, therefore just try and keep your sugar consumption to a minimum.

Top Tip for snacks: Christmas is the season for nuts, which are high in protein so a great snack alternative. Many supermarkets now do selection boxes of Brazil nuts, almonds and walnuts.

Santa's Favourite Tipple

Trying to avoid alcohol over Christmas may turn you into the Grinch. But at least drinking in moderation will help you avoid any embarrassing office party moments!

The common reason for an increase in alcohol consumption over the Christmas period is due to the increase of activities on your social calendar. Therefore use that calendar to plan ahead, and set yourself a limit for the amount of alcoholic beverages you will have on those evenings. It is recommended the males should consume less than 21 units a week (approx. 5-6 pints) and women less than 14 units a week (4-5 glasses of wine). Try to avoid sharing bottles of bubbles or wine, and keep control by only having a drink by the glass. If one of your current goals is weight reduction or body fat loss then try and choose the lower sugar drinks e.g. gin and slim line tonic or a vodka soda water & fresh lime. Cocktails, beer and wine tend to have the highest sugar content.

Top Tip for hangovers: Coconut Water; it is full of electrolytes to help rehydrate you.

So the moral of this blog is to not stress over the extra slice of turkey, but do try and resist your Auntie's sherry trifle. Give yourself the gift of health this Christmas.

Merry Christmas, from your Wellness Team x 

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